Our mission is to help real estate agents around the world take back control of their business.

It’s no secret that large proptech platforms have limited agents’ role and control over the years. And breaking through the social media clutter is nearly impossible.

We co-founded REAL to give agents a platform built exclusively for real estate where they can promote themselves directly and grow their business – for free.

With REAL, agents have a voice in how they promote their listings and consumers see what’s popular on the market – not what Zillow pushes because agents paid for hidden ads.

It’s an AI-driven platform that frees agents from dependence on costly ads and dated cold calls and emails. Now agents promote themselves and connect with new prospects that follow them. All through the social app built exclusively for real estate.

Thomas Ma, Co-founder

Thomas Ma, who hails from one of Hong Kong’s leading real estate developer families, became successful in his own right when he ventured into tech. Ma became an active business leader in proptech and subsequently brought his passion and in-depth understanding of real estate from international waters to the U.S. market.

Prior to launching REAL, Ma created HOJOJO. The rental marketplace and leasing management system that helped corporate landlords maintain every aspect of their rental properties — from receiving offers to collecting rent payments.

Now, as the CEO of REAL, Ma is leveraging his past learnings to introduce an emerging technology to the U.S. real estate industry.

He saw the industry shift toward large proptech platforms, presenting steep financial hurdles for agents and decided to develop a new way for agents to showcase their listings. This led to him co-founding REAL, giving agents back control of their listings to generate leads and maximize their online presence.

Fredrik Eklund, Co-founder

With record-breaking sales and socks as colorful as his personality, Fredrik Eklund has become an icon in real estate and on Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing” series, appearing as the only cast member to star in both the New York and Los Angeles versions.

Co-founder of The Eklund | Gomes Team, co-founded by John Gomes, the dynamic duo have secured over $15 billion in closed sales over the last decade and have become a staple of New York, California, Texas and Florida real estate.

Consistently ranked on industry hot lists, including The Hollywood Reporter Power Brokers and Variety’s Real Estate Elite, Eklund | Gomes continues to sit on the top, bringing in $4.5 billion in sales in 2021 alone. In 2022, they notched the priciest sale of the year for New York at 432 Park Ave., for $70.5 million, and are taking their momentum to Nevada where they are expanding this summer.

About REAL

REAL is the only social app combined with messaging for real estate that puts agents back in control of their business. For the first time, agents can generate free leads without costly online ads, labor-intensive emails, and ineffective cold calls. REAL helps agents build professional relationships online with interested prospects, keeping them connected and enabling the agents and their prospects to engage with one another at any time. They can do this all through REAL’s AI-driven social platform designed exclusively for real estate. REAL agents curate their feature images, content and chat topics to reflect their expertise and knowledge. When prospective buyers and sellers browse REAL online, they view content curated by agents and choose to follow those whose interests align with their own.