FOR Agents

High-speed app.

The market moves fast and REAL delivers, unlike the MLS which is notoriously slow.


Automates inbound marketing.

Agents can generate leads for FREE, instead of spending heavily for online ads and promotions.

FOR Buyers and Sellers

Follow agents of interest.

Choose to follow agents whose listings and information align with your needs.

FOR Buyers and Sellers

Access quick information.

REAL delivers search results nearly real time so you get answers fast.


Stand out from the crowd.

Brand your profile through the stories, knowledge and experiences you share, alongside your listings.


Build and retain contact lists.

Collaborate with other agents globally and touch base with prospects at the right time.

FOR Buyers and Sellers

Know what’s on trend.

Stay up to date with today’s market using REAL’s Al technology to search highly specific criteria, by zip code or country.

FOR Buyers and Sellers

Minimize continual follow-ups.

Agents can schedule a call back when you say the time is right, so you don’t get bombarded with follow-ups.