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How to Command a High Commission Rate
9 Tips for Real Estate Agents to Demonstrate Your Value

In the wake of the Sitzer-Burnett ruling, a lot of doomsday commentary has circulated painting real estate agents and our future in a negative light. Now, more than ever, it is critical for us to communicate with our clients to demonstrate the value we bring to every transaction. In fact, the future for agents may never be brighter for those of us who are proactive and have a clear value proposition that our clients can believe in. 

In an increasingly competitive market that is still suffering from low inventory and high interest rates, showcasing our worth is crucial for maintaining trust and securing our hard earned commission. 

Here are some of the top strategies you should be implementing immediately to effectively demonstrate your worth:

1. Stay in Touch

Effective communication is the foundation of all relationships, including the most successful client-agent relationships. Regularly check in with your clients, providing updates on property developments, market trends, and any other relevant news that you see fit based on the prior interests they have shared with you. Be responsive to inquiries, showing clients that they have your full attention and support throughout the entire process – even after purchase. 

2. Position Yourself As The Local Expert

Clients seek agents who understand the intricacies of the local real estate market and are able to turn that knowledge into their benefit. Demonstrate your vast expertise by sharing detailed knowledge about recent local sales, property value trends and the most in-demand neighborhoods. Then put this knowledge into action – guiding your clients to make the best informed decisions that deliver on their real estate goals.

3. Modern Day Marketing Strategies

Your approach to marketing a listing is crucial to the ability to quickly move that property. Don’t keep these promotional plans under wraps. Outline your comprehensive marketing plan, and don’t forget to leverage both online and offline strategies. Social media, your professional network and targeted ads will maximize the property’s exposure – and more importantly have it be seen by those who are most likely to become a buyer. A top-notch marketing plan can significantly enhance your clients’ satisfaction while showcasing the amount of personal effort you are putting in. 

4. Negotiation Skills

This is nearly everyone’s least favorite part of making a home purchase. Masterful negotiation is the hallmark of a top-tier real estate agent. Share stories of successful negotiations where your skills resulted in favorable deals for your clients. Do you keep track of your transaction history and have simple metrics that prove your deal-making prowess? Don’t be shy! Share these data points and anecdotes in a way that explains your approach to negotiations and how you are the best person to deliver on your clients’ needs.

5. Client Testimonials and Success Stories

Singing your own praises will only go so far – even more persuasive are client testimonials. These 3rd party endorsements are powerful indicators of your capabilities. Feature all the positive feedback you have received on your website and social media profiles. Don’t forget to consistently encourage satisfied clients to share their favorite parts about working with you. Even just a simple quote can serve as a strong vote of confidence to those who have not worked with you previously. Real-life examples resonate with potential clients and provide tangible evidence of your ability to deliver results.

6. Continuous Education and Adaptation

Industry and market landscapes are dynamic, with regulations (and now lawsuits) and market trends constantly evolving. Showcase your commitment to staying at the forefront by highlighting recent certifications, training sessions or industry memberships. This commitment instills confidence in clients, knowing they have an agent well-versed not only on historical best practices, but one that is in tune with the latest comings and goings. 

7. Tech-Savviness

Incorporating technology into your workflow enhances your efficiency and the client experience. Detail how you leverage digital tools such as Real Messenger for property searches, virtual tours, and electronic transactions. A tech-savvy approach that embraces the latest innovations gives you a leg up to streamline what is typically a very complex real estate process. Make sure you let your clients know about the tools at your disposal. 

8. Personalized Service

This one might go without saying, but ‘one size fits all’ does not fit at all in real estate. Truly listen to your clients needs, then tailor your abilities and services accordingly. Go above and beyond to address specific client requirements, showcasing your commitment to a personalized and client-focused approach. Even the smallest of personal touches will be what sticks with your clients and keeps them around for the long-run.

9. Transparent Fee Structure

Increasingly more important in light of the recent legal proceedings, you must be upfront and transparent about your commission structure. Clearly explain the value clients receive for the fees paid (the tips above will put you in a great position to do so). Address any concerns clients may have about commissions and reinforce your commitment to openness and honesty in all aspects of the transaction.

By incorporating these nine strategies into your real estate practice, you will not only differentiate yourself from the competition but also build lasting relationships with satisfied clients. Demonstrating your worth goes beyond getting the deal done; it’s about creating an experience that resonates with clients long after they settle into their new home.

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