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Real Messenger Rolls Out RealPremium, A New Subscription Service Elevating Real Estate Communication

COSTA MESA, Calif., December 21, 2023–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Real Messenger Inc., the innovative leader in revolutionizing real estate communication, proudly announces the upcoming launch of its new premium subscription service, RealPremium. Scheduled to debut just before the end of 2023, RealPremium promises enhanced features and functionality for both agents and consumers, providing an elevated experience within the Real Messenger app.

RealPremium offers two distinctive solutions: Premium Agent and Premium Member, tailored to meet the distinct needs of professionals and consumers in the real estate sphere. Each service will be offered at introductory rates, with Premium Agent priced at $49.99 per month and Premium Member available at $24.99 per month.

Premium Agent empowers real estate professionals with a suite of advanced tools to amplify their productivity and reach within the platform. Premium Agent features include:

  • Verified account badge, establishing their credibility and expertise.

  • Increased visibility in the Real Messenger News Feed, allowing them to reach a broader audience and expand their network.

  • Access to team management tools, simplifying collaboration and coordination among colleagues.

  • Unlimited video and voice calls and high-priority direct messaging, ensuring swift and effective communication.

Premium Member offers an array of exclusive features for home buyers and sellers that include:
  • Verified account badge, enabling users to establish credibility and trust within the Real Messenger community.

  • Unlimited video and voice calls, facilitating seamless and enhanced communication.

  • High-priority direct messaging, ensuring swift and prioritized interactions with agents and other members.

“We are thrilled to introduce RealPremium, a subscription service designed to take real estate communication to new heights,” said Thomas Ma, Co-Founder of Real Messenger. “With RealPremium, we aim to empower our users, both agents and consumers, with an enhanced experience that fosters trust, efficiency, and growth within the real estate ecosystem.”

Real Messenger is committed to supporting the entire real estate community. The introduction of RealPremium reinforces this dedication with tailored services crafted to the exact needs of each unique stakeholder. RealPremium serves as the latest bold step in Real Messenger’s mission to revolutionize real estate communication and connection.

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About Real Messenger:

Real Messenger, Inc. is a cutting-edge property tech company dedicated to revolutionizing the real estate industry. With a focus on high-quality service, flexibility, and negotiation, Real Messenger provides a dynamic platform that empowers real estate agents to excel in a rapidly changing market. Real Messenger offers innovative solutions for agents and clients, setting new standards for the industry and ensuring that agents remain at the forefront of real estate innovation.

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